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Benefits of Workforce Development

  • Benefits of Workforce Development

The cultural environment in today’s workplace has become increasingly diverse among all levels of employees and in all business sectors.  

There is no longer a standard work setting where employees share a culturally and linguistically similar background. How a company chooses to address and embrace these differences is often seen in their professional development decisions. 

Workforce development is a term designed to encompass all levels of education as it relates to enhancing a company’s workforce.  At the Centre, these opportunities are reflected in customized training formats that can be designed for a company's unique needs. Examples of these may include:

Regardless of the type of training, a company’s decision to enhance any area of the workplace shows a level of commitment to its employees and is as an investment in their future.  The benefits of Workforce Development training are extensive and may include:

  • Increased workplace communication
  • Improved employee productivity
  • Greater intercultural understanding

If you are interested in customized workforce development training for your company, please contact the Centre's Workforce Development Specialist at 403-410-1587.

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