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Dr. Femi's Journey to SAIT Instructor

  • Dr. Femi's Journey to SAIT Instructor

The following blog post was written by Diane Little, a Career Coach in the Corporate Readiness Training Program (CRTP) at the Centre for Excellence in Immigrant and Intercultural Advancement. This story is part of the CRTP Alumni blog series.

Dr. Femi Alli arrived in Calgary on August 1, 2012 from Nigeria with his wife Bukky and their two children, Victor and Victoria. They were attracted to Canada by the professional development opportunities here and the great education for their children. Femi had worked in Engineering teaching and research at the post-secondary level in Nigeria. Before coming to Canada, he explored about life here, most specifically, he says, “the weather,” as well as the variable opportunities available to him in post-secondary teaching. He was very optimistic.

The fall of 2012 saw the family settling into Calgary and starting job searches. Transitional jobs were secured and the search continued. Femi’s sister-in-law mentioned that CRTP might be a good fit for him, and in January of 2013 both Femi and Bukky joined a CRTP class. Femi worked hard through the course and always kept a positive attitude with each new assignment or task.  He secured a work placement at Canadian Pacific for March and April. It was not post-secondary experience, but it was Canadian experience in his field and he was excited. Canadian Pacific, as expected, did not offer him a position at the end of the work placement, but Femi could see the valuable start that Canadian Pacific gave him with his career.

In May 2013, Femi resumed his job search. He kept his positive attitude and transitional job, and in April of 2014, he landed a job with Ply Gem Canada Inc. This was a very important position as it gave Femi his first Canadian job in his field and first Canadian experience. Femi though, had greater aspirations for post-secondary teaching and continued to make efforts in that direction. He took the “Ready To Teach Program” at SAIT, had his practicum in the same institution, and in September 2014 fulfilled his dreams when he started teaching Math and Engineering Sciences at SAIT.

He describes CRTP as the kernel that led to his career growth in Canada.

Dr. Femi has had many Canadian mentors along his road to success in Canada. Dr. Bolaji, a fellow Nigerian he came to know, CRTP Alumni, University of Calgary professors and SAIT instructors all gave Femi valuable advice along the way.

However, he would like to thank CRTP for setting him in the right direction with how to find and keep a job. He describes CRTP as the kernel that led to his career growth in Canada. He refers all friends looking for jobs in their field to CRTP and believes it is important both for finding and keeping a job here in Canada.  In the future, he looks forward to connecting with CRTP students and alumni through class visits and CRTP events.

When asked what lies ahead for him and his family, Femi says, “I want to grow my career at SAIT and live the good life in Canada!”

The Corporate Readiness Training Program (CRTP) assists participants to gain job finding and job keeping skills as well as work experience in their professional field. Learn more about the CRTP program or call 403 410 3466.