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Help your Learners to Fit in Fast

  • Help your Learners to Fit in Fast

The following blog post was written by Glen Cochrane, a faculty member at the Centre for Excellence in Immigrant & Intercultural Advancement.

Over the past few months the Centre's project team has been piloting a newly developed 15 hour online course targeted at new immigrant working professionals.

If you have any learners immersed in Canada’s working environment right now, or learners who will soon be out in the Canadian working environment, you might want to let them know about the course. The initial pilot is winding down, but we will soon be recruiting learners for a second pilot to start in mid-April.

Fit in Fast, as the course is called, is an online professional development course for skilled immigrants working in Calgary's energy sector. The course is delivered entirely online and is designed to actively engage the learners. Participants are required to seek out real life situations to apply and reflect on course material. Learners practice activities like arranging appointments and communicating with assigned ‘learning partners’ in the class.

The goal of the course is to help new immigrant professionals navigate the Canadian workplace in order to advance their careers. Fit in Fast focuses on communication and soft skills, those intangible areas most affected by cultural differences. The majority of the content focuses on understanding differences in communication styles and learning and how to moderate these differences. The design of the course really tries to push these concepts into action. As you can imagine, meshing such design goals with self-directed, online learning is not an easy task.

The feedback from our learners so far has been very useful, both for us and for them. Learners can benefit from exposure to the soft-skill side of the Canadian workplace, and the sooner they can gain experience, especially in guided and controlled situations, the better for them.

Interested learners can email .

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