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Mentoring Success Story

  • Mentoring Success Story

The following blog post was written by Anne O'Byrne a Mentoring Career Advisor at the Centre for Excellence in Immigrant and Intercultural Advancement.

Bshar George, an architect who worked in Dubai, is originally from Syria. He arrived in Canada in July of 2014 and joined the CRIEC/BVC Mentorship Collaborative in September of 2014.  Shortly thereafter he was connected with a CRIEC mentor, Afrah Rayes, a senior urban designer at the City of Calgary. Afrah then referred him to two other architects which helped him build up his professional network. At that time Bshar was working part-time at Safeway in a transitional job. He demonstrated his employability skills of being punctual, positive, and loyal among others. With Sobey’s takeover of Safeway, Bshar applied for and was the successful candidate as an Administrative Assistant to the VP of construction Canada. Bshar is now a Project Manager with Sobeys working with them for the past two years.

Bshar embodies the four key characteristics of successful immigrants that Dr. Lionel La Roche identified in his research. 

Bshar embodies the four key characteristics of successful immigrants that Dr. Lionel La Roche identified in his research. These include having a positive attitude, having the ability to be flexible, taking ownership, and having the drive to succeed. Bshar was strategic in his career search. He knew he ‘couldn’t just sit at home.’ He worked in the afternoons at his transitional job and spent the mornings seeking his professional work. Bshar neatly dovetailed the two.

Prior to arriving in Canada, Bshar realized he wouldn’t get the same job that he held in Dubai, at least not initially. He used his analytical skills to understand that becoming a registered architect requires time and money, and he needed to ensure that pursuing that career path had the intended results he had been seeking.

Bshar has made an impressive career path for himself. He acquired knowledge of the Canadian workplace, the need to network and enhance his job search strategies initially due to the CRIEC/BVC Mentoring Collaborative. We anticipate his further success.


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