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Tips for Integrating into the Canadian Workplace

  • Tips for Integrating into the Canadian Workplace

The following blog was written by Stacey Busse, an instructor in the Corporate Readiness Training Program at the Centre for Excellence in Immigrant and Intercultural Advancement.

I’ve been working with internationally educated professionals (IEPs) for nine years. I’ve noticed that IEPs who have an easier time integrating into the Canadian workplace tend to practice some or all of the following steps.

Step One: Research

Find out what the job looks like in Canada. It’s not always the same. Can you still do it? Be honest with yourself. Do you need to retrain? How much time and money do you need? Do you even want to do it?

Step Two: Define your outcome

What exactly do you want? What does success look like? 

Don’t ignore your passions! Does your current career bring you joy? If so, pursue it. Would a different career bring you joy? Don’t dismiss other paths because they are different. Volunteer, join associations, clubs, and keep your eyes open for interesting opportunities. Anything is possible!

Step Three: Give your best

Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, make sure you give your best.

Opportunity shows up for people who are positive, capable, and trying their best. Find ways to be helpful and useful. Don’t complain! Focus on what’s going right. Be the person that others enjoy working with. People will look for opportunities for you.

Here is one final thought on the matter. You’ve had challenging goals in the past. How did you approach them? Could you bring those skills into play again?

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