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The following blog post was written by Val Baggaley, a faculty member at the Centre for Excellence in Immigrant and Intercultural Advancement.

Do you use board games in your classroom?  I inherited a board game template from a now retired teacher and I use it to reinforce vocabulary or simple phrases.

Many of our learners have not had the opportunity to play board games, so rolling the dice and moving markers is a challenge in itself. They need to be taught to start at the beginning, to roll the dice, and to move their own marker each time. Sometimes they forget which one is their own marker and move someone else’s, so you may have to teach some very basic board game rules.

For the first few times my learners play a game, I simply let them roll the dice, move their marker and say the word they land on. This is hard enough. Once they have mastered this, you might want to have them say something more complex such as:

This is a ___________.


Do you have a ___________?

I like playing board games with my students because it teaches so many things: turn taking, language reinforcement, and numeracy.

What board games do you use in your class and how do you use them?