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Building Numeracy and Number Sense: Part 2

  • Building Numeracy and Number Sense: Part 2

The following blog series was written by Donald Morris, a faculty member at the School of Global Access. This blog series focuses on building numeracy and number sense in the Bridge program.

The Bridge program spends 30% of classroom time developing numeracy skills and awareness. Each term is devoted to a theme.  One of our three themes is patterns and data. Some of the outcomes for the level I teach are collecting, analyzing, displaying and explaining data.

The main project at my level for this theme is to create a survey.

As with most classroom projects I do, we start with an instructor-led demonstration. This will reinforce learner knowledge in tallying and categorizing data and using Excel to enter and display data in a logical, clear way. The learners then create their own survey questions, visit other Bridge classes to collect data, and use Excel to create an appropriate graph. Once they collect, analyze, and display the data, they share the survey results with the leaners they questioned.

One of the bigger difficulties for this project is creating a good question. Yes/No questions don’t work well, and questions with a limited set must include an answer that would include all other possible answers. Another consideration learners must address is what kind of graph best displays the data.

If you are interested in any of the printouts for this project, please request through this blog.

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