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Building Numeracy and Number Sense: Part 3

The following blog series was written by Donald Morris, a faculty member at the School of Global Access. This blog series focuses on building numeracy and number sense in the Bridge program.

The Bridge program spends 30% of classroom time developing numeracy skills and awareness. Each term is devoted to a theme. One of our three themes is Measurement and Geometry. At my level, some of the outcomes are: measuring and converting within the metric system; measuring and creating angles; finding perimeter, circumference, and area of a given shape. 

This theme lends itself to many types of projects, and I’ll describe two that I have done in the past: estimating and building a birdhouse.

The first project focuses on estimating. Learners create a PowerPoint with images of objects they have measured or distances they have researched. There are separate slides for mm, cm, m, and km. They present their findings to the rest of the class in the form of a quiz. Estimating is one of the more difficult aspects to master and this mini project, in addition to several focused lessons, really helps in their understanding.   

For the second project, learners build a birdhouse. In teams, the learners first create the blueprints for their creation. They then create their house with foam board. There is always great buy-in for this project, and it enables the class to apply their knowledge of measurement and geometry as well as using tools (rulers, protractors, compasses, and even how to safely cut with knives).

If you are interested in any of the printouts for this project, feel free to request through this blog.