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CEIIA Contributes to New Support Kit

  • CEIIA Contributes to New Support Kit

The following blog post was written by Emily Albertsen, a faculty member at the Centre for Excellence in Immigrant and Intercultural Advancement.

The Centre for Canadian Language Benchmarks recently released the CLB: ESL for ALL Support Kit, and ESL literacy instructors at the Centre for Excellence in Immigrant and Intercultural Advancement (CEIIA) have had a hand in its creation. It has been an exciting project and an opportunity to work together with colleagues in other provinces.

The CLB: ESL for ALL Support Kit is a companion document to CLB: ESL for Adult LIteracy Learners (ALL), which came out in 2015. The CLB: ESL for ALL Support Kit is designed to help instructors meet the needs of ESL literacy learners.

The CEIIA contributed three parts to this support kit: a video, a podcast, and a set of annotated task exemplars.

  • The video focuses on meeting the needs of ESL literacy learners in multi-level classrooms. CEIIA faculty members share their knowledge about identifying and meeting learner needs, differentiating reading instruction, and adapting materials for different literacy levels.
  • The podcast is about teaching digital literacy to ESL literacy learners. It was informed by a series of focus groups and was scripted based on these responses. 
  • The final piece of the project is a series of exemplars for reading and writing tasks scaled across the CLB literacy levels of Foundation L to CLB 4L. These exemplars meet the requirements for the CLBs and PBLA and are annotated using an approach we call a “think aloud.” The think alouds show how instructors can approach these tasks with ESL literacy learners in mind.

You can view all of the above materials here: Make sure to select the "Literacy" tab.

THe CEIIA has been part of the process of developing CLB: ESL for ALL at nearly every step. This has been a series of highly collaborative projects with contributors from across Canada. The CEIIA has had an important place at the table contributing to CLB: ESL for Adult LIteracy Learners, An Online Orientation to ESL for ALL, and CLB: ESL for ALL Support Kit. 

We have had an opportunity to build understanding and community around ESL literacy learning across Canada, and we have both lent and developed our knowledge in this field.