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CELPIP at Bow Valley College

  • CELPIP at Bow Valley College

CELPIP class makes Bow Valley History!

Bow Valley College was recently endorsed by Paragon and CELPIP to offer the Accredited CELPIP Preparation Program and the first group has completed the training. This happy looking group is the first group of students to successfully complete the speaking class that was held Thursday evening. Four separate classes are offered; reading, writing, listening, and speaking and students can choose to take just one or as many as they feel they would need.  Our instructor, Joanna Wysocka, has been trained by Paragon and successfully completed the very rigorous program.

Feedback from the first classes has been very positive. The learners liked the materials, appreciated the instruction, and overall felt much more prepared to write the CELPIP test. They said they learned a lot about the question types on the test, got lots of practice with answering questions, found the instructor friendly and enthusiastic and felt comfortable taking the CELPIP test. 

One learner said, "It is an excellent course. I learned a lot of vocabulary. It is the perfect option to be ready for the CELPIP Test. Congratulations!”

For more information, visit CELPIP at BVC 

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