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Conference Reflection: The Global Citizen and New Technologies

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The following blog post was written by Dan Merryfield and Tyler Elliott, faculty members at the School of Global Access.

We recently attended the BC TEAL symposium on The Global Citizen and New Technologies. The symposium was comprised of three in-depth sessions on emerging technologies and ways to build global citizenship in our language classes. Each presentation left with us with new ideas for our classroom.

The first session with Nicky Hockley from The Consultants-E (TCE) highlighted four digital literacies that help learners become global citizens. The four literacies are communication, information, collaboration and (re)design. She also focused on the cognitive, socio-emotional, and behavioral concepts of being global citizens.

Next, we saw Dr. Ahmed Mahboob from the University of Sydney who stressed that projects and coursework must have a local benefit if they are to be successful. Throughout his session, he stated that a learner cannot belong to the broader global community if they do not belong to the local community. As a result, his projects looked at using different linguistic landscapes in local areas to collect data.

Finally, the day ended with a session from Greg Kessler from Ohio University who gave a fantastic overview of the new teaching tools that have been developed in the last few years. One new technology that we are eager to try with our learners is the use of augmented reality. HP Reveal (formerly known as Aurasma) is an application that allows learners to build augmented space in their presentations. This app appears to be a great way to get learners excited about a project and to encourage participation in presentations.