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Bow Valley College works with ESL Literacy Instructors from the YWCA

The following blog post was written by By Emily Albertsen, a faculty member at the School of Global Access

ELL Instructors from the School of Global Access and the YWCA are working together to explore effective instruction for ESL literacy learners. Two ESL literacy instructors from the SGA have held half-day workshops at the YWCA this winter, sharing their knowledge, ideas, and experience. 

The first workshop:

  • discussed ESL literacy learners and their unique learning needs
  • introduced participants to resources on teaching ESL literacy
  • explored the Centre for Canadian Language Benchmarks resources on ESL literacy

The second workshop:

  • discussed the development of language and literacy skills
  • explored principles of effective learning materials for ESL literacy learners
  • introduced participants to a range of example learning materials

Both workshops were hands-on, practical, and interactive, with a focus on understanding the needs and strengths of ESL literacy learners and the challenge of developing language and literacy skills at the same time. The instructors from the YWCA were highly engaged, asking questions and sharing their experiences and their knowledge. Both afternoons were richly collaborative.

Bow Valley College has solid experience with teaching ESL literacy. We have had formal ESL literacy programming since the 1990s, have produced a range of resources for instructors and learners, have participated in national and international projects, and have a long tradition of providing professional development to ELL practitioners across Alberta. 

The School of Global Access looks forward to more opportunities to work with other organizations and to support ESL literacy instruction in Alberta.