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Creating a Classroom Library

  • Creating a Classroom Library

The ESL Literacy Network's online reading circle wrapped up earlier this month. The reading circle brought together 16 ESL Literacy practitioners from across Canada and the United States.

The participants read and shared ideas about the article, The Unlikely Meeting of Adult Educators in Kindergarten to Explore Early Literacy Instruction written by Patsy Vinogradov.

In the article, Vinogradov emphasizes the importance of creating a classroom library and giving learners the opportunity to read to themselves and to peers often.

Filling a classroom library with level-appropriate and adult-appropriate materials for ESL Literacy learners can be challenging.

Here is a collection of  resources suggested by the reading circle participants:

  • ESL Literacy Readers: 40 theme-based readers for adult ESL Literacy learners published by Bow Valley College
  • Eye on Literacy: wordless picture books for adult ESL Literacy learners
  • The Humour Series: a series of books featuring funny stories about everyday life published by Grassroots Press
  • PageTurners: short easy-to-read stories for adults learning to read
  • NorthWind Books: a series of books developed as part of a guided reading program for Yukon First Nations people
  • Osu Children's Library Fund Books: over 30 books, including the inspiring Literacy Changed My Life series for adult learners  

What's in your classroom library? Please share with the online community about your favourite reading materials.

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