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Cross-Program Interaction at Bow Valley College

  • Cross-Program Interaction at Bow Valley College

The following blog post was written by Don Morris, a faculty member at the Centre for Excellence in Immigrant and Intercultural Advancement. Don is an instructor in the Bridge Program, a program for English language learners between the ages of 18 and 25 who have interrupted formal education and have not completed high school.

Last week, learners in the Bridge and the Practical Nurse (PN) programs at Bow Valley College got together for some cross-program interaction. The Bridge learners were given a tour of the PN program's classrooms, labs, and facilities. The Bridge learners had their vital signs read by the practical nurses in training. Each Bridge learner got their results and learned about their blood pressure, respiratory rate, temperature, and pulse.

Mutually Beneficial

The experience was of great benefit for the learners in both programs. The themes in the Bridge program work on a two year cycle. The theme for this term is Human Biology and Health, and we have been reading about vital organs and how they work. The interaction enabled the learners to personalize and see the benefits of what we have been studying. Also, many of the learners in the Bridge program have a goal of entering the health care profession and they were able to ask many questions.

For the learners in the PN program, it was a good experience because they got to practice their skills on what could be seen as more authentic patients. As one instructor pointed out, they usually practice on each other, and it was refreshing to have patients who didn’t know the procedures and what was expected of them.

Follow Up

After the sessions, the immediate oral feedback from the Bridge learners was unanimously positive. They also wrote some more extensive feedback which was provided to the PN instructors who will be sharing it with their learners.

In March, we will all meet up again where "Head to Toe" examinations will be given. I will write about the next interaction in a follow up blog. Until then, I was wondering.....have had any experiences in cross-program interaction? How was it beneficial?



What a fabulous idea - a win-win for both groups. Did you have any learners who were inspired to consider the health care programs at Bow Valley College as a result of the interaction?


We were really happy with the way it worked out. A few of our learners have expressed interest in the health care profession and after the interaction they realize that their goals are attainable.

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