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ELL Award Recipients

  • ELL Award Recipients

Each term ELL learners are recognized for their hard work and achievements at the School of Global Access ELL Awards Ceremonies. 

Quiling: Academic Excellence Award

Qiuling (Lilian) was one of the deserving recipients of an Academic Excellence award in the 2018 spring ceremony. Like many newcomers to Calgary, Lilian didn't have the confidence in her English to conduct day-to-day tasks on her own. She felt quite isolated. lonely, and frustrated at times. 

She quickly recognized the need to improve her English in order to be independent and able to participate in her new community. 

She initially joined the part-time ELL program at Bow Valley College. She felt it was difficult to contribute to the class initially but gradually felt more comfortable being around other learners with similar needs. 

Her decision to move into the full-time CLB (Canadian Language Benchmark) 8 class was a turning point in her life. Having the opportunity to be with her instructor and classmates five days a week gave her a true sense of community. She was able to establish friendships and finally have the language skills to express her thoughts, worries, and goals with others. 

This confidence spilled out into the community as she finally felt comfortable talking with her neighbours and even reached out to her MLA for a CLB 8 assignment she had to complete.  

Winning the Academic Excellence award was a big surprise for Lilian.  Through the awards, she recognizes that a lot of people really care about improving the lives of newcomers and don't want financial barriers to prevent learners from improving their English skills. She is extremely grateful and looks forward to giving back to the community in any way she is able.  

Migdalia: ELL Citizenship Award

Migdalia was one of the deserving recipients of an ELL Citizenship Award at the 2018 spring ceremony.  

When Migdalia first arrived in Calgary two years ago she didn't feel her English was very strong. When she tried to speak English, people seemed to get frustrated quickly as they couldn't understand what she was saying. She tried finding a job but was told repeatedly that her English skills were not strong enough. She attempted to find volunteer opportunities but was once again unsuccessful as many places told her she needed a work permit or Canadian experience. She felt stuck and unsure of what to do next in order to settle in Calgary.   

Migdalia enrolled in a CLB (Canadian Language Benchmark) 7 ELL class at Bow Valley College in 2018. She was thrilled to learn that the College encouraged and supported volunteer opportunities. She finally felt as though a door had opened for her, and she participated in as many volunteer opportunities as she was able. 

Her confidence and motivation soared. She moved up to CLB 8 the next term and was pleased to participate in project work that required civic engagement. She exceeded the required 10 hours of community engagement and put in 30 hours over the term.  

Migdalia is extremely appreciative to have received this award. This award will really help her expand her job opportunities and secure meaningful employment.  

Quiling and Migdalia's language training was funded by IRCC. They are very appreciative of this opportunity and firmly believe learning English is the most important first step towards a successful new life in Canada.  

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