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ELL Awards Ceremonies

  • ELL Awards Ceremonies

Each term English language learners (ELL's) are recognized for their hard work and achievements at the School of Global Access ELL awards ceremony.

A variety of awards are available each term. Each award has specific criteria that learners must meet including such things as academic performance, leadership and community involvement, professional demeanor and positive attitude, teamwork skills, resilience, and financial need. 

Many awards have also been established in remembrance of loved ones who worked tirelessly and passionately in the field of ELL. These donors and community partners recognize the barriers ELL learners face and established awards to provide an opportunity to improve the life of ELL students who are newcomers to Calgary.

Instructors at Bow Valley College nominate many of their learners each term whose profiles fit the award criteria. In addition, learners are able to nominate themselves for many other awards the college offers through the Bow Valley College awards portal.  

The ceremony provides an opportunity for learners, instructors, administrative staff, executive members, board members and donors to come together and celebrate the achievements of ELL learners. 

This ceremony would not be possible without the generous support of the donors, community partners, and Bow Valley College.