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Help Newcomers Develop Communication Skills for Fast-Paced Work Environments

Help Newcomers Develop Communication Skills for Fast-Paced Work Environments

“I asked you to cover for me.

“You did?”

“Yeah, don’t you remember?”

“No, not at all.”

“It was right after we were talking about soup for tomorrow’s lunch.”

Source: Here to Help: Workplace Communication for Food Services – Module Three – Unit Two – Conflict in the Workplace – Audio Conversation 1

The urgency of the food services industry generates specific communication challenges. During service, or during rushes, there is little or no time to step aside and address misunderstandings. At the School of Global Access, we wanted to understand those areas where communication breaks down in fast-paced food services settings and provide learners with the knowledge and skills to bridge these gaps.

Funded by the Alberta government, the focus of the Here to Help multi-media resource is on workplace communication, with an emphasis on speaking and listening for busy, time-sensitive environments, like working in a kitchen, cafeteria, or restaurant.

The excerpt above is from an audio resource in the Conflict in the Workplace unit. The learning objectives and key content of this unit are:

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize that communication breakdowns can lead to conflicts
  • Develop strategies to communicate in conflict situations
  • Recognize the need for assertive language in food services workplaces

Key Content

  • Directives in softened language
  • Expressing feelings and opinions
  • Appropriate language to initiate conversations about conflict
  • Addressing conflict appropriately

The resources, exercises, and activities in the unit provide learners with the opportunities to develop language and workplace skills which may be culturally unfamiliar to them.  

To learn more about the content of Module Three, watch the video in the Introduction Unit and view The Instructor Guide and Learner Workbook on the School of Global Access website.

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