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The following blog post was written by Kim Carson, a faculty member at the School of Global Access.

Spring term 2018 has shaped up a little differently in International ELL. Being a small group in comparison to other classes, we have temporarily rebranded ourselves “Club International.”

There are a lot of benefits to being a club—our days are highly personalized, focused, familiar, and not only can we be productive, we can be very mobile! Hence, our intrepid “clubbies” have been very active. 

We have been to Calgary Reads, Reel Canada, Fort Calgary, Heritage Park, and Village Ice Cream. We made over 1000 bagged lunches for Brown Bagging for Calgary's for Kids, served lunch at Inn from the Cold, toured the Mayor’s Environmental Expo, and had the honor of leading this year’s Diversity Games hosted by the Intercultural Centre. This week, we’re cheering for Croatia in the World Cup final and then off to Olympic Plaza to celebrate the Stampede.

All of these activities have not just been escapes from the daily grind of the classroom. In addition to our academic studies, the level of appreciation that’s been fostered in respect to local culture and issues has created life-long learnings that each student will carry and apply wherever he or she chooses to go in Canada or the world.

To cap it off, and as a creative twist to our term journal assignments, our club has assembled an International “memory book,” full of student writing, bios, photos, a master vocabulary crossword and even summer horoscopes to mark our 13-week journey. It’s been a challenging, fun-filled spring term to remember for “Club International,” and I wish each of my “clubbies” best of luck.