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Learner Insights - Nilofer Naderi

  • EAP Learner Profile

Like many newcomers to Calgary, Nilofer Naderi arrived in 2015 with a long-term goal. She wanted to become a high school math teacher.  She knew it would be a long journey as she had very little confidence in her English listening and speaking abilities.

Nilofer started her language training in CLB 4.  When she reached CLB 6 she heard a presentation about the English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program.  After discussion with instructors and classmates, she was sure that this program would help put her goals in reach.

After passing the EAP entrance test, she was initially placed into the first level of the program – Transition to Academic English.  She found this course very stressful at first. There were many assignments, a lot of homework, and a significant time commitment she knew she would have to make.  She didn’t expect to do very well but promised herself she’d do her best. 

Nilofer really appreciated her instructors.  She found them highly organized, professional, and serious about helping learners do their best. It wasn’t long before she was taught a few academic strategies that would help her with time management and organization.  She also soon discovered if she did her homework, listened to what was asked of her, and simply followed the instructions of her teachers she could do well. 

Nilofer is currently in the highest level of the program – Academic English 2.  Looking back on her EAP journey she feels she is well equipped with many academic strategies and skills. She can now deliver a good academic presentation; set realistic achievable goals, and has the confidence to read any academic work set before her in a timely manner. She also gained valuable experience through her community engagement projects which took the shape of mentorship in a post-secondary classroom.

With the end of the EAP program in sight, Nilofer has no fear about starting her post-secondary studies. She realizes she still has a lot to learn but feels more confident in her ability to succeed thanks to the time she spent in the EAP program.