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Learner Insights - Shukria

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The following blog was written by Tanya Yaunish, a faculty member at the School of Global Access.

Shukria learned the skills she needed to succeed while she was a learner in the Youth in Transition (YiT) program at Bow Valley College.

As a young, bright woman coming from Afghanistan, one of the main draws for Shukria in coming to Canada was the opportunity to get an education and reach her goals.  

Her first goal was to improve her English to a level that would allow her to enter the Academic Upgrading program. Throughout her time in the YiT program, she worked very hard to develop her English skills from vocabulary and grammar to speaking and essay writing.

Simultaneously, she gained a variety of new academic skills, in particular using computer - an opportunity that she was not afforded in her past. In speaking with Shukria recently, she also highlighted the many soft-skills that she acquired. Through the Youth in Transition program, she learned how to work effectively in groups and developed her confidence in giving presentations in front of an audience. 

Over two and a half years of dedication and perseverance, she has been working towards her second goal of acquiring the high school equivalency courses that she needs to further her education. In April 2019, she will have completed the credits that will allow her to enter the Practical Nursing program at Bow Valley College.

All of the instructors who have come in contact with Shukria note that she is an extremely hard worker who is receptive to guidance and eagerly shares her knowledge with others. She highly recommends the YiT program as a comprehensive preparation towards future goals.