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The following blog post was written by Cameron Young, a faculty member at the Centre for Excellence in Immigrant and Intercultural Advancement.

I would like to share three websites that I recently became aware of. All are grammar resources that could benefit the English language learner.

Road to Grammar

Road to Grammar is a free resource featuring quizzes, games, and lessons. There are 365 grammar quizzes with each providing feedback and explanations. Learners can work through practice activities and games before taking the quizzes.

In addition to the resources that learners can use individually, Road to Grammar offers some downloadable resources for instructors. The eight downloads offer discussion starters for English lessons, lesson warm-up activities, and some worksheets.

The Comma Queen

Although for an advanced audience, Mary Norris, aka the Comma Queen, has a humorously informative grammar series covering such topics as “that” vs “which”, “I” vs “me”, and prepositions.

Fox Type

Some learners may find it helpful to analyze how sentences are structured. After entering a sentence in the toolbar, FoxType visually breaks down the sentence so learners can see the function of each word.