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To meet the ever-changing needs of our learners, the School of Global Access began a project to develop LINC training online through Bow Valley College’s official learning management system, Brightspace by D2L.

The goal was to increase the flexibility of Bow Valley College’s part-time LINC training by introducing online study options for those learners unable to attend face to face classes. For online delivery, the part-time Reading/Writing courses were divided further into single-strand offerings at level 6 and level 7. This allows learners to focus on the specific strand they want to improve and increase their benchmark in one term of study.

Reading 6 and 7 are running in the Spring/Summer 2018 term, and by fall 2018, writing will be offered at level 6 and level 7. Learners spend an average of six hours each week completing a variety of lessons, activities, and assessments online, and they build an e-Portfolio of their work as the course progresses. There is also a one-hour live webinar each week on Adobe Connect, facilitated by the instructor.

Some learners are intimidated at first by the prospect of taking a LINC course online and participating in a webinar. However, a series of orientation videos, intuitive course design, and close instructor support means that most participants soon become comfortable with the virtual classroom.  Not only do these learners develop the targeted language skills, but they also obtain valuable technical skills and strategies for online learning, opening more opportunities for further study both in language and in professional development.  

For learners with young children or busy work schedules, the flexibility of online study means they are able to access language training without the travel and scheduled time commitment of face to face classes. 

The new online option ensures that more learners have the opportunity to access the quality LINC instruction that Bow Valley College is renowned for, and also provides more choice in terms of when, where, and how LINC learners improve their language skills.

To learn more, visit: Online LINC