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Online LINC: Learner Insights

Iwona Kosinska is a learner in the Online LINC (Language Instruction of Newcomers to Canada) program at Bow Valley College. After successfully completing ELL Reading 6, Iwona is studying in the ELL Reading 7 online course.

Her goal in taking LINC is to improve her English and eventually work in the field of criminal justice, as she did in her home country. Iwona also hopes that improving her English will help her to be more independent and supportive of her son, who has just started school. After LINC, she plans to take some criminology or security courses.

Learning English is a long-term process... If you are determined to learn, nobody and nothing can stop you.

Iwona has found that the flexibility of online study is very helpful. Last term, she took Reading 6 online but had to start the class from Poland as her flight was delayed for a week due to bad weather. This meant some very early morning classes (starting at 3:00 am), but Iwona persevered and was very dedicated and successful in the course.

With a working schedule of six days on and two days off, Iwona is also able to take a Listening and Speaking class at Bow Valley College’s downtown campus two evenings each week. She has to be well organized to do this, often leaving work and eating a meal she prepared the day before so she can go straight to evening class!

When asked about her experience, Iwona commented "Learning English is a long-term process. We need determination and motivation, however, sometimes these things just don't work out. I have experienced this many times, but still I want to learn because I know how many benefits (my goal) I will get later. If you are determined to learn, nobody and nothing can stop you".

To learn more, visit: Online LINC