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Part-time Language Skills Program

  • Part-time Language Skills Program

The Part-time Language Skills Program offers a wide variety of Continuing Education courses for those interested in further developing their skills in the English language.

This program has a course that will cater to a variety of needs, whether you are looking to:

  • develop all four skills (Basic, Intermediate and Advanced ELL),
  • focus on a particular skill (Listening/Speaking, Academic Writing, Grammar and Writing, Pronunciation),
  • prepare for a  standardized language proficiency test (IELTS Prep, IELTS Prep and Exam, IELTS Intensive), or
  • equip themselves in the workplace (Speaking Professionally, Writing Professionally).

In addition to addressing a particular interest, there are many other benefits. Firstly, the courses are short and intensive. They are delivered over an eight week period at three to six hours per week. They are offered at convenient times (morning or evening) and once or twice per week. They are also reasonably priced, ranging from $140 to $270. Class size is small, ranging from five to 20 students. 

Most importantly, all courses are taught by qualified, experienced teachers who ensure high-quality instruction and cater their lessons to the needs and interest of the students in that particular class. 

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