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Personalized Stories and Field Trips

  • Personalized Stories and Field Trips

Are you planning on taking any field trips with your learners this summer?

Going outside the classroom and into the community on field trips and walks is a great way to make learning more meaningful to ESL Literacy learners. 

classroom of excellence connects the classroom to the real world through the use of authentic materials, realia, field trips, and learner stories. Creating personal stories emerging from classroom field trips and activities is a promising practice for the ESL Literacy classroom. Many ESL Literacy instructors use the Language Experience Approach as it promotes reading and writing through the use of personal experiences and oral language.

Find out how your ESL Literacy colleagues use this approach in their classrooms:

  • Video on LEA: an ESL Literacy instructor shares about creating a whole-class personal story after a field trip to the zoo.
  • Kelly's Literacy Place: examples of online personalized stories
  • Building Literacy with Adult Emergent Readers: this video, created by New American Horizons, features an ESL Literacy class creating a class-generated story after a trip to the hardware store
  • Classroom Resource: instructions and templates for making personalized books with and for your learners.

What kinds of personalized stories have you created with your ESL Literacy learners after a field trip? 

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