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The following blog post was written by Charlotte Beaubier, a faculty member at the School of Global Access.

The Professional Development community of practice has been in full swing for almost 18 months, and we have certainly accomplished a great deal. 

To date, we have held five professional development events, offering a total of 30 workshops with a staggering 52 people contributing and sharing their ideas and expertise to staff and faculty.

We have been exploring various styles and formats of workshops. We have had individual presenters, paired presentations, panel discussions and even experimented with having an instructor stream a webinar and guide discussion around it. We have also recently incorporated a Back by Popular Demand segment where a previously popular workshop is brought back for a second time. The feedback around all of these sessions has been overwhelmingly positive.

As the chair of the PD community of practice, I am often asked how people can access the slide casts of these previous workshops.

Professional Development Network

We are excited to announce that the PD committee is part of a new online space called the PD Network.  

This is a member's only, closed network that is located on our website. This space allows faculty and staff to access:

  • slide cast summaries of past PD workshops 
  • blog stories with a focus on professional development
  • popular Centre publications

How do you get access to our online PD Network? 

Become a member of the website. Once you have registered on the website, email to be granted access to the PD Network

If you or anyone you know is interested in presenting a workshop or has an idea of a topic that you would like to see covered on a future PD day, please contact me.