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Program Profile: Academic ELL

  • Program Profile: Academic ELL

Located in the School of Global Access, full-time English Language Learning (ELL) provides classes for approximately 850 learners daily. As learners come to the Bow Valley College with a variety of learning styles and goals, we customize our full-time offerings into multiple programs to best meet learner needs. 

The Academic ELL program provides language instruction to learners who have diverse educational and vocational backgrounds. Most have completed a minimum of ten years of formal education and many are college or university graduates. 

Our highly experienced faculty center instruction around Canadian Language Benchmarks competencies, which are the national standard for ELL LINC instruction and assessment. In addition to language instruction, the program promotes real-world language experiences, community orientation and engagement, intercultural competence, and effective use of technology. 

The Academic program transitions learners to employment pathways, workplace training, foundational learning, or academic English programs.

Learners in the Academic program are funded by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada or Alberta Works.

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