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Reaching a wider audience with applied research:

  • Practical Guide to ESL Literacy

A Practical Guide to Teaching ESL Literacy is presented at the Brown Bag Lunch series at Bow Valley College

The following blog post was written by Emily Albertsen, a faculty member at the School of Global Access

The School of Global Access at Bow Valley College is proud to present their new resource, A Practical Guide to Teaching ESL Literacy, at the Brown Bag Lunch series. This series highlights ongoing projects, resource development, and applied research at the College.

ESL literacy learners bring a wide range of skills and experience to Canada and to our classrooms. They are also in the process of learning English and developing their literacy skills for the first time and have a unique set of learning needs. There are increasing numbers of ESL literacy learners accessing English language learning programs across Canada. Bow Valley College is experienced with teaching learners, building curriculum, developing resources, and sharing knowledge in the field of ESL literacy.

A Practical Guide to Teaching ESL Literacy, released in the fall of 2018, is a new resource that draws on a mixture of applied research and classroom practice. It presents instructors with a comprehensive exploration of the who, what, and how of teaching ESL literacy. It blends research and theory with practical teaching approaches and accessible tips for the classroom.

Topics in A Practical Guide include: 

  • An Introduction to ESL Literacy
  • The Framework of Literacy Skills for Adult ESL Literacy Learners
  • Creating an Effective Learning Environment
  • Planning Instruction
  • Approaches to Teaching Oral Language Skills
  • Approaches to Teaching Literacy Skills
  • Materials and Resources

Bow Valley College is excited to share this resource. 

The resource is available:

For more information, please see: