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The following blog post was written by Tyler Elliott, faculty member at the School of Global Access.

The mentorship program at the School of Global Access has been running for the past 11 years and has trained and placed over 2,000 learners. 

The program is quite simplistic in its scope. It's open to full-time English language learners at the School of Global Access, who attend classes at Candian Language Benchmark (CLB) 3 and higher. In the program, learners in higher level ELL classes mentor lower-level learners.

The program runs every term and takes place before or after learners' classes so as not to interfere with their studies. It provides student-mentors with the opportunity to give back to their learning environment.

As a result, the program has a multitude of benefits for both the mentors and mentees.

Mentors increase their language acquisition skills as they tutor lower-level English language learners. They make friends and feel more connected to the student body as a whole.

Mentees benefit from small group activities and get help in specialized areas like numeracy and computer skills. They're inspired by the mentors who've experienced the same language barriers that they do, and we hope this inspires them to one day become mentors themselves.