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Teaching in Multilevel Contexts: Post-TESL Courses at Bow Valley College

This blog was written by Emily Albertson, a faculty member at the School of Global Access

Bow Valley College has successfully piloted the course Teaching in Multilevel Contexts to participants from across Alberta. This course is the third in a series of professional development courses offered through the School of Global Access and made possible with the support of the Alberta Government. These Post-TESL courses are designed for ELL practitioners; they each focus on a specific topic and are designed, developed, and taught by subject-matter experts. The 12-hour online courses offer an opportunity to explore a topic deeply and to connect with colleagues from across the province.

“I have a very clear idea now about scaffolding on all three stages of the task: before, during, after. I also understand better how I can differentiate content, process, and/or product. This course helped me to organize better the system of strategies and methods I use in my class. Thank you!”

-Course Participant

Teaching in Multilevel Contexts addressed the issues that many ELL instructors and other practitioners face: teaching learners of different levels in the same classroom. Full of practical suggestions, this course helped participants to develop an approach to teaching that takes learner level into account at every stage. The course was organized into four modules:

  1. Setting the Stage for Success
  2. Scaffolding
  3. Differentiation
  4. Transfer of Learning

Course materials included webinars, videos, slidecasts, and readings. Participants also engaged in an active discussion board, completed assignments and quizzes, and had opportunities for reflection.

Teaching in Multilevel Contexts, along with the other Post-TESL courses, is part of a pilot project being offered in late 2018 and early 2019. Following the pilot, the courses will go through a review and revision period and then will be offered again. Anyone who successfully completes four post-TESL courses will receive a post-TESL certificate from Bow Valley College.


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