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Updates to the eLearning Toolkit

  • Updates to the eLearning Toolkit

The following blog post was written by Glen Cochrane, a faculty member at the Centre for Excellence in Immigrant and Intercultural Advancement.

At the end of 2016 we launched the eLearning Toolkit, a resource for ELL instructors and course developers teaching in a variety of online ELL contexts.  

We introduced this new resource to English language learning professionals across Alberta through webinars, workshops, and blog posts. Based on initial feedback of the eLearning Toolkit we quickly discovered that the animated slidecasts are one of the most popular resources in the toolkit.  

This past month we have added five additional animated slidecasts to our collection and updated the three animations that already existed. Here is a summary of the slidecasts:

  1. Barriers to Learning
    An overview of the barriers that learners might face when learning online
  2. Calling Tech Support
    Step-by-step help for learners who may need to call technical support during their online course
  3. Netiquette
    A brief introduction to the idea of netiquette 
  4. Presence in Online Language Learning
    An introduction to the idea of presence in online spaces and suggestions for how to develop presence
  5. Facilitating Discussion Forums in Online Language Learning
    Advice for instructors on how to effectively facilitate a discussion forum for language learning
  6. Discussion Forum Tips
    Advice for learners on the importance of discussion forums and how to make the most of them
  7. Example of an Effective Discussion Forum Post
    An overview of the features of a good discussion forum post 
  8. Participating in Online Language Learning
    Strategies for learners to be successful in online language learning

In addition to the new animations, we’ve also added a new way to search for them.

Updates to the eLearning Toolkit

  • First, go to the eLearning Toolkit:
  • Then, click on the “Tools” option across the top of the page.
  • Once you are on the Tools page, click on the “Slidecast” filter button. (Circled red in the screenshot above) 
  • After you click on the “Slidecast” filter button, you will see all of the resources that include at least one slidecast.
  • Access the resource page by clicking on the “View Resource” button in the right-side column, and then look for the green “View Slidecast” button.

We have found that the slidecasts appeal to instructors because they are directed at and can be shared with learners. They give learners a chance to practice their listening skills while they learn digital literacy skills related to online language learning. Share them with your learners, and let us know any suggestions you have for future animated slidecasts.