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Updates to the ESL Literacy Readers

  • Updates to the ESL Literacy Readers

The ESL Literacy Readers webpage has a new look! 

Our collection of forty theme-based readers is a popular resource used by ELL instructors across Canada and around the world. The ESL Literacy Readers support ESL literacy instructors in creating comprehensive, theme-based lessons for adult ESL literacy learners. On the new ESL Literacy Readers page you'll find a number of updates: 

Levels A - G

The ESL Literacy Readers are now organized into seven levels, suitable for learners at different stages of literacy development. The text, structure, and vocabulary increase in difficulty. At the lower levels, the learner is supported with large photographs and simple sentences. Higher level stories are written in paragraphs with more complex language and ideas.

The ESL Literacy Readers are wonderful! How great it is to have such carefully crafted and beautifully produced resources for literacy learners.  

Updated Instructor Guide

The ESL Literacy Readers Guide supports the use of the Readers in the classroom. Included in this guide are pre-reading and extension ideas to enable you to create comprehensive, theme-based lessons for adult ESL literacy learners. The guide also contains a list of best practices for creating ESL literacy stories.

Learner Audio Books

Visit the ESL Literacy Readers Learner Page to access the Readers with your learners. The simple and uncluttered webpage is designed especially for learners. All of the Readers are available as audio books.

Webinar: Using the ESL Literacy Readers

Watch the following professional development webinar - free to all Centre members: Using the ESL Literacy Readers