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Using Songs in the ESL Literacy Classroom

  • Using Songs in the ESL Literacy Classroom

We recently hosted a webinar for a group of ESL Literacy practitioners in Edmonton. The webinar, planned and facilitated by Jennifer Jessop, focused on using songs in the ESL Literacy classroom. 

In the webinar, Jennifer identified the following benefits for using songs with adult ESL Literacy learners:

  • Learning songs in the classroom allows learners to connect with Canadian culture and creates a sense of belonging.
  • Learning children’s songs allows students to recognize and perhaps even sing along with what their small children are learning at school. 
  • Using songs involves learners in a group activity that builds community and reduces stress.
  • Music is a powerful way for learners to tap into their own strengths and oral traditions.
  • Singing songs provides variety in the classroom. Learners can move, breath, stretch, and express themselves in ways they can't when they're sitting at their desks with pencils in hand. 

In the following video, Jennifer shares more about the power of music in the ESL Literacy classroom.


What songs have you used in your classroom?


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