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In the Workplace – Learning About Canadian Workplace Culture

In the Workplace – Learning About Canadian Workplace Culture

In the Workplace: An Intermediate Integrated Skills Textbook is an English language textbook aimed at Canadian Language Benchmarks levels 5/6. The textbook, available as an online textbook with interactive activities and as a pdf, gives learners practice in the four main language skills – listening, speaking, reading and writing.

The textbook, designed to be facilitated by an instructor, is divided into five chapters:

  • Workplace Environment
  • Personal Management
  • Workplace Communications
  • Clients and Customers
  • Career Management

In the Workplace follows members of staff, including a newcomer to Canada, at the fictional company CDN Malls. A Strategy Coach and Workplace Mentor also appear throughout the textbook and share important tips with learners. Learners using the textbook will have the opportunity to learn about some aspects of Canadian workplace culture and develop some important essential skills.

This open educational resource (OER) has an open license and can be legally copied, shared, and adapted.

For both versions of the textbook and the instructor guide, see:

In the Workplace was created with funding from Alberta Open Educational Resources as part of a collaborative project with Norquest College to produced OER in the form of e-textbooks.