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Accessing Community Resources

  • Accessing Community Resources

Immigrants and newcomers have to make many adjustments when they arrive in a new country. Challenges that they face include understanding and navigating the systems of a new country and accessing community resources. 

On October 14, 2014, the Intercultural Centre hosted the ELL Community Resource Fair to help newcomers access information about community resources. Over 275 ELL students participated in this event and connected with community service providers.  

Community agency representatives gave presentations aimed at providing information on accessing local resources. Presentations were given in plain language and focused specifically on accessing resources from a newcomer’s perspective.

Topics included sponsorship, women’s health, financial literacy, emergency medical services, police services and more. Learners attended presentations of their choice and gained information on the various services available to them.

Here's what several learners had to say about the event:  

  • “It was useful and I recommend the government to continue doing this for immigrant whom are new to Canada or whom don’t read the law of this country. I have been here in this country and I never learn as much as today.”
  • “I think this kind of information is very, very, very important because even we don’t know the law, we will make a lot of problem. I learned a lot of things I thought I know it, but I found myself get new things.”  
  • “I can improve my Canadian health knowledge. I will apply to Blue Cross card and know about community health centres.”

Service providers were thrilled to be part of this community outreach event, and  ELL learners left the event feeling more confident about accessing community resources.