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Connecting to Community

  • Connecting to Community

A group of Bow Valley College English language learners were invited to participate in a collaborative art event at the Glenbow Museum this month.

The Glenbow's Made in Calgary: The 2000s exhibit features an art installation created by artist Richard Smolinski titled “Canceldomly Calgarious Revisserated”. The BVC learners engaged in a creative and inspiring activity that explored word play and language. Using alphabetized multicolored magnetic letters, learners worked in groups to coin words and phrases which they placed on a magnetic black board.

Richard Smolinski encouraged participants to follow their imagination, and the learners used their knowledge of English and their native languages to complete this activity. The end result was a compilation of all the learners’ words and phrases into an ongoing sentence. 

It was a fabulous opportunity for learners to become involved and get exposed to something new and exciting. BVC learners injected a presence of youth and vitality to the exhibit. They also had the opportunity to explore the Glenbow’s other exhibits and left with a greater appreciation of art. 

Collaborating with community members, such as the Glenbow Museum, helps to foster and nurture future involvement and awareness of community activities.