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Diversity Games 2018

  • Diversity Games 2018

The following blog post was written by Kelty Christensen, Learner Engagement Officer at the School of Global Access.

The Intercultural Centre is excited to be offering Diversity Games 2018, an event specifically catered towards our literacy English language learners.

The hands-on, patient demonstrations by the volunteers made everything accessible and enjoyable, and I saw many extra wide smiles on our students today. Jennifer

Diversity Games is an interactive event that exposes learners to various cultural activities. Teams of learners complete various hands-on tasks. Learners are exposed to different cultural art, dance or traditions. Examples of some of the activities that we have offered are Salsa dancing, Indian Chai tea making, learning Arabic words and script and tent building. Over 120 learners participate in Diversity Games each year.

Diversity Games is facilitated by ICan Crew volunteers who take on the role of engaging learners at different cultural stations. Volunteers receive training on ways of demonstrating, teaching, and engaging learners in each of the activities. Volunteers facilitate the entire event and are responsible for making sure that the literacy participants enjoy themselves, have fun, and learn something new. At the completion of all of the stations, participants receive a certificate of their participation and take part in a group photo.

Our learners had so much fun during these games. Thanks for making it a good level for literacy and practical learners. Val

Instructors were very happy with feedback that they received from learners.

Diversity Games is always so much fun! Participants experience culture though participation and come away knowing something new and having an appreciation for difference.