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Do One Thing

  • Do One Thing

On May 21, the United Nations recognized World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development (or Diversity Day for short) and invited participants all around the world to Do One Thing for diversity and inclusion.

At Bow Valley College, we invited the campus community to stop by the Intercultural Centre, and write down one thing they would do on campus to support diversity. The response was overwhelming! Individuals from all over the College came to provide their own ideas on how to support diversity at BVC. While many of the responses were articulated for cultural diversity, as per the parameters set by the UN, many of these ideas could be applied to initiatives for diversity in all of its dimensions.

Here were some of the ideas shared on Diversity Day:

  • “Recognize different celebratory days of different religions and cultures.”
  • “Spend a dinner with another family of a different culture and find out what their own traditions are around meals and family time.”
  • “Create a cultural museum on campus.”
  • “Start a diversity newspaper on campus.”
  • “Establish a cultural mentorship program between learners.”

The Intercultural Centre will be looking to implement some of the ideas shared throughout the 2014 - 2015 school year. What would you do to recognize Diversity Day and support inclusion on campus? We invite you to share your ideas below!