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  • IC in the Classroom

The following blog post was written by Tahira Ebrahim, Centre Liaison Officer at the Centre for Excellence in Immigrant and Intercultural Advancement.  

Whether you are trained in the fields of Nursing, Justice, Early Learning and Child Care, or Business, there is a role for intercultural competence in your area.

With this lens, the Intercultural Centre (IC) has worked with classes throughout the College’s career programs to create customized workshops to offer field specific training to promote personal and professional awareness of engaging with difference in both classroom and workplace contexts.  

The workshop examines how our identities shape our understanding of diversity and how we situate ourselves within it. To explore this topic, a TED talk is utilized to set a foundation, which is complemented by small and large group discussions and activities.

After offering this training to over 2,000 students, it has garnered champions throughout the College, who see both value and resonance with their respective programs. The following comments are from faculty members across career programs:

“Feedback was positive and students appreciated being engaged with stories, humour, pictures, and group discussions debunking myths and challenging assumptions.”

“I wanted to let you know that the feedback for the Intercultural Workshop was excellent. Both the [instructor] and the learners were very impressed and learned a lot.”

“Thank you for all that you do. You provide such a meaningful experience for myself and our learners. I would recommend this workshop to other instructors.”

“The presentation and delivery style was persuasive, engaging students with a combination of TED talk, pictures, a quiz and group activities providing a balanced perspective involving teachings throughout the semester. Materials seemed to be designed accommodating the needs and age group of participants ensuring it was fully inclusive and reflected Bow Valley College’s commitment to diversity.”

The Intercultural Centre continues to find opportunities to offer this training on campus for interested classes and departments. Workshops can be tailored to fit classroom or curriculum specific needs, in consultation with instructors. An online version of the training workshop is currently being developed for delivery in the fall.  If you feel that there is an opportunity for the IC to engage with your class, please contact us at