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IC Studies: Fostering leadership and skill development

The following blog post was written by Tahira Ebrahim, Centre Liaison Officer at the Centre for Excellence in Immigrant and Intercultural Advancement (CEIIA).   

Whether you are seeking leadership skills, building your awareness, or improving your understanding of the Canadian workplace, CEIIA course offerings, through Continuing Education, provide a suite of programs that cater to a plethora of intercultural competence needs. 
Refer to the summary below, for examples of CEIIA programs and resources to complement your skill set:
In the Workplace
The Intercultural Competence for Leaders certificate is for anyone seeking to gain practical skills needed to succeed in the diverse realities of Calgary workplaces.  
For individuals who lead diverse teams, the CEIIA provides courses such as Supervisory Skills in Intercultural Teams, which offers communication and team management strategies, with an intercultural perspective. 
Employers working with internationally trained individuals (ITI’s) can access resources such as, Creating an Inclusive Workplace for Internationally Trained Individuals: An Employers Guide. This guide, created in conjunction with Talent Pool, provides tactile strategies on recruitment and retention of ITI’s.  
In the Classroom
Offered directly through the CEIIA, Bow Valley College faculty can access to a self-paced, online, professional development course called Supporting Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Learners in College Career Programs.
To support learners in Bow Valley College career programs, the Intercultural Centre offers customized workshops, providing intercultural competence awareness for learners, both personally and professionally. 
Indigenous Awareness
To develop a foundational understanding of Indigenous history, identity, and realities in Canada register for the course, Indigenous Awareness: Engaging Diversity and Inclusion.
Learner Workshops
In addition to in-class intercultural competency workshops, learners can self-register for Levelling the Learning Field, a four-part workshop offered through the Intercultural Centre. This workshop series offers international learners insight into Canadian post-secondary classroom environments and expectations.