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IC Voice: A sharing of ideas

  • IC Voice: A sharing of ideas

The following blog post was written by Kelty Christensen, Learner Engagement Officer at the Centre for Excellence in Immigrant and Intercultural Advancement. 

The Intercultural Centre fosters learner engagement in campus and community events. IC Voice is an initiative that brings Bow Valley College learners together to participate in and share ideas through workshops, blogs, and networking opportunities. IC Voice provides learners with multiple forums to share their interests, knowledge, and skills. A goal of IC Voice is to support learners to develop as individuals by providing learning and networking opportunities that enhance communication skills, leadership skills, and personal development.

IC Voice is comprised of a number of learner-led programs. Learners can choose the program that best meets their schedule, level of comfort, and their goals for development. Programs include:

  1. MC in the IC: Learners introduce guest speakers at College events. Learners work one-on-one with the IC Learner Engagement Officer to develop and deliver a short introduction for a guest speaker at an IC event. The program focuses on oral presentation and delivery skills. This program has a one week commitment.
  2. Campus Tours: Learners work in a team setting to deliver College campus tours to new learners. Public speaking, leadership, and group management techniques are explored. This program requires a four week commitment.
  3. Teach your Talent: Learners teach an activity or talent to their peers. Learners work one-on-one with the IC Learner Engagement Officer to plan and facilitate a presentation on an activity or talent of their interest.  Learners are taught how to create and facilitate a one hour demonstration workshop. With support from the IC Learner Engagement Officer, learners develop, practice, and facilitate their workshops. Feedback and coaching is provided during all stages of development. This program requires a six week commitment.   
  4. Learner Insights: This program encourages learners to engage in meaningful conversations by sharing their knowledge and ideas with their peers. With the support of the IC Learner Engagement Officer, learners develop, practice and deliver a workshop on a topic of expertise.  The program focuses on the development of speech writing skills, workshop facilitation, and public speaking skills. This program requires is a six week commitment.
  5. IC Scribe: This program encourages learners to share their ideas and experiences through blog posts.
  6. IC Views: This program encourages learners to connect with their peers on various topics of interest and to collect viewpoints and perspectives from other learners.

Here is what learners have to say about IC Voice:

“I enjoyed teaching others things that I already know. It feels great to help people, especially students like me. This has built my personality and skills!” 

“It was phenomenal! I would encourage more students and friends to get involved because it is a new beginning of meeting new people and practicing their communication skills and public speaking.”

The Intercultural Centre offers several IC Voice programs each trimester. Learners are encouraged to join IC Voice to enrich their learning experience. Please see the CEIIA's Events calendar for upcoming activities. If you are a learner and want to participate in IC Voice, please email .


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