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IC Week 2016 in Review

  • IC Week 2016 in Review

This year’s IC Week 2016, A Tapestry of Perspectives, was a great success!  The week (March 7 – 11) truly reflected a diversity of issues and viewpoints and, of course, a surprise or two.

We kicked off the week with a flash mob, presented by the Youth in Transition and Bridge ELL learners. The group enjoyed being trained by the talented Tara Wilson, of PULSE Studios.  Expect the video to be uploaded on to the Centre website in the near future!  The event, which was full of energy and excitement, set a great tone for the rest of the week. 

On Tuesday, in recognition of International Women’s Day, a visual display was set up to illustrate the role of confidence, as a factor in achieving wage parity. Women from all over the campus were invited to contribute a piece of clothing, jewelry or cosmetic that enhanced their sense of confidence. A series of stories and items were brought forth for participants to view. 

Following these two highly visual events, Wednesday offered an interactive way for people to engage with the concept of universal design and learn about different methods and tools that learners use to enhance their experience in the classroom.  This event was an exciting collaboration with the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB), and Accessibility Services at LSS. 

On Thursday we held a collaborative event with Sodexo and the Students Association of Bow Valley College (SABVC).  Forty participants, including BVC President Sharon Carry and VP Anna Kae Todd, were invited to partake in a meal to showcase unequal food distribution on a local and global scale.  Of the 40 participants, five were treated to a lunch of luxury, while the other two groups were left to dine with either just enough, or not quite enough to eat.  This micro-social experiment on dealing with disparity highlighted the importance of equitable food distribution and the necessity for engaging with ethical food systems.

To close IC Week 2016, we had the pleasure of hosting Chris Hsuing, director of the film Elder in the Making, which he produced with Cowboy Smithx. The film provided insight into local indigenous community and knowledge.  Chris offered great insight into the film and his own experiences coming to learn about and respect indigenous communities. It was a great opportunity to collaborate with the the Centre for Excellence in Foundational Learning and the Iniikokaan Aboriginal Centre for this concluding event.  

Be sure to get involved with our upcoming activities and volunteer opportunities at the IC!  Engagement opportunities can be found on our events calendar.