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Intercultural Centre Annual Theme for 2019/2020

IC hosts a specific theme each year, where it draws inspiration, and connects its programming for the year. The IC has unveiled its second annual theme, for the 2019/2020 academic year, as Ubuntu.

Ubuntu is a Kikuyu term from South Africa, embedded in the principle of: Mundu ni mundu ni undu wa andu, which means, “a human being is a person because of the other people.”

Ubuntu suggests that an individual belongs to a larger interconnected community, and when one community member is threatened or denigrated, the entire community is affected. In order to create this sense of community though, members must develop an inherent resonance with others, understanding that their collective safety, future, and humanity is “caught up, bound up and inextricable” with one another.

Ubuntu encourages us to understand our existence and purpose not as isolated paths, but rather as ones in relation to one another, explaining that we do not operate in silos, but rather amongst, beside, and in co-operation with others.

Underlining College values such as respect, inclusion, and teamwork, Ubuntu impacts how we learn, how we work, and how we build community. Ubuntu enables us to foster open minds by widening our concept of ourselves, and the impact we impart upon our local and global world.

How will Ubuntu manifest in this year’s programming? Learn more about Ubuntu through October’s Discovery Hub, as well as during Intercultural Week, held from October 29 to October 31.