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Intercultural Centre Survey

  • Intercultural Centre Survey

The Intercultural Centre  invites all Bow Valley College learners to complete a college-wide survey on diversity and inclusivity at the College.

Why a survey? As we continue to grow and develop our programming at the Intercultural Centre (IC), we want to ensure that our services are directly serving the needs of our learners (as well as faculty and staff). The survey has been designed to collect information on how learners engage with difference and diversity on campus. Information collected in the survey will support the IC's goals of fostering greater inclusivity in the College community and within College services.

As a college community, we are often asked to complete surveys throughout the year. It is important to recognize that while the requests might seem numerous, surveys provide College departments with valuable information. Learners that complete the survey will have the opportunity to participate in a focus group to further share ideas on enhancing the inclusive environment at the College.

Visit to complete the survey. There is also a link to the survey in the Student E Newsletter. 

An upcoming survey for faculty and staff will be released early in 2015.