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The Intercultural Centre Welcomes You

  • The Intercultural Centre Welcomes You

What exactly do you do here?”   
It’s a common question we answer at the Intercultural Centre.

We are excited to be the newest hub on campus.  Our mandate at the Centre is to advance the Diversity Advantage, a priority that came about from Vision 2020, in 2011. 

The Intercultural Centre was established in January 2014, for all learners on campus, as well as for staff, faculty, and the greater community. 

But what is it that we do?  We are here to engage everyone on campus, on issues of diversity and inclusion.  We want to be a place of dialogue, of engagement and activity, and mobilization.

Look out for upcoming activities from the Centre, including an event for the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, a Professional Development Day session (for staff), and a Diversity LEAD Session for learner leaders.  For those of you on campus during the spring, we will be starting up our language exchange program – check the website for more details!  We are always looking for new ways to promote connections between departments and people, on campus. 

How can you be a part of our new initiative?  Keep updated on our events!  Visit the website and stop by the Intercultural Centre – located on the third floor of North Campus, just off of the +30.