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Join us for TEDxBowValleyCollege this February!

As we begin February, we are well into a new year and a new decade. In this spirit, the Intercultural Centre is excited for the upcoming TEDxBowValleyCollege.

This year’s TEDx theme is Niitawatophii: Our Journey.

Niitawatophii is a Blackfoot language word, loosely meaning “our journey” and is reflective of the Blackfoot peoples’ cultures in that it offers an alternate perspective emphasizing interconnectedness and the teachings of respect.

This year, the Intercultural Centre has moved the annual TEDxBowValleyCollege event from the Fall semester and it will take place on Thursday, February 27, 2020 when it will welcome five speakers from our campus community.

Journeys come in many forms as this year’s TEDxBowValleyCollege talks explore journeys that underline the importance of ethical spaces that consider the intertwined nature of being both a teacher and a student, that connect physical journeys to ones of personal growth, that demonstrate the importance of resilience, and that reflect on the journeys that came before our own.

TEDxBowValleyCollege is one of the Intercultural Centre’s hallmark events and its talks this year align with the Centre’s unifying annual theme that draws inspiration, and connects its programming for the academic year, Ubuntu. Ubuntu is a Kikuyu term from South Africa, embedded in the principle of: Mundu ni mundu ni undu wa andu, which means, “a human being is a person because of the other people.”

As in years past, TEDxBowValleyCollege is hosted in a two-hour session, open to the entire College community, including faculty, staff, and students. The Intercultural Centre invites you to attend and listen to the wide range of topics and ideas, that are meant to spark conversation and action. Get your ticket today!

What is TEDx? TEDx is a satellite program of the renowned annual TED conference. The Intercultural Centre has hosted Bow Valley College’s independently organized event since 2014. Grounded in the TEDx principles to spark conversation and connection, the Intercultural Centre presents the annual event with an aim to engage our campus with the ever-changing nature of our local and global world.

Event details

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