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REEL Canada: Exposure to Canadian Film

  • REEL Canada: Exposure to Canadian Film

The following blog post was written by Kelty Christensen, Learner Engagement Officer at the School of Global Access.

This year marks the sixth year that the School of Global Access has hosted REEL Canada. REEL Canada is a non-profit organization that celebrates the rich diversity of Canadian film through exposure to Canadian cinematic storytelling. Their Welcome to Canada program was developed to provide English language learners with the opportunity to view Canadian made films.  

It was a very unique, thoughtful, and imaginative movie. It should make for a great discussion." Instructor, International ELL

On May 16, 2018, REEL Canada and the Intercultural Centre (IC) hosted this exciting event for over 700 of our learners and community partners at Eau Claire Theatres. A few of the great movies that learners have viewed in the past are Breakaway, The Iron Road, The Whale and this year, Window Horses.

Following the viewing of a film, moviegoers are invited to engage with one of the actors or directors of the film, either through Skype or a surprise visit. This gives rise to a spirited question and answer session with the guest. The purpose is to encourage conversations around identity and to create pride in Canadian storytelling. Bow Valley College instructors had great feedback on this year's film.

What is your favorite Canadian film? The IC would welcome suggestions for future REEL Canada events.