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Semester in Review: Part Two

  • Semester in Review: Part Two

The following blog post was written by Tahira Ebrahim, a Centre Liaison Officer at the Centre for Excellence in Immigrant and Intercultural Advancement. 

The Intercultural Centre has wrapped up its first year at Bow Valley College. In total, we held 20 events from September to December, with over 1200 attendees. 

While all of our events have been a great success, the IC team wanted to share the top ten events from the fall of 2014. A synopsis of the first five events on our list can be found in this previous blog post.

Here's a summary of the remaining five events:

T-Shirt Design Contest: September 25

  • As the new kid on the BVC block, the Intercultural Centre set out to create and design t-shirts for the ICan volunteer crew.  Students were asked to choose between three different designs.  There was a clear winner and favorite!  The design featuring the IC shaped wordle now is the symbol of the ICan Volunteer Crew.  The bright green, white, and black t-shirts are worn by IC volunteers at all IC events.

TEDxBowValleyCollege: November 5

  • Who could forget our TEDxBowValleyCollege event?  It was a fulfilling experience to see so many areas of the College come together, from both our downtown campus, as well as through our regional stewardship.  It was gratifying to showcase the inspiring and creative stories that were (and still are!) held within our own Bow Valley College community.  Did you miss the event this year?  Be sure to attend our TEDx Workshops next semester, and be a part of TEDxBowValleyCollege 2015!

Cultural Insights: Visual Arts with Katherine Yilatalo, November 25

  • Participants of November’s Cultural Insights workshop enjoyed a very novel experience with art curator Katherine Yilatalo.  Katherine took the audience through a digital tour of the campus, highlighting unique pieces of art and their history.  Everyone left this workshop with a new and renewed appreciation for the amazing art that beautifies our walls, and influences our environment.

Culture Shock:  with Stacey Busse, November 26

  • In response to BVC’s large immigrant and international population, this session addressed the issue of culture shock.  Stacey Busse, an instructor from BVC’s Corporate Readiness Training Program, discussed the signs, symptoms and stages of culture shock to a full house of over 70 students.  Using humor and real life examples, participants in this workshop gained a greater understanding of what culture shock is.

Communal Table: with Café Blanca, December 3    

  • Siphoned coffee anyone?  Café Blanca, a local coffee house, astounded us with their comprehensive and experiential workshop on coffee and coffee culture.  Sharing their knowledge gained through their travels to Costa Rican coffee plantations, participants tasted high quality coffees in a café bistro type setting.  Through the Communal Table workshop series, the IC has been fortunate to develop multiple community partners outside the College. We will continue to harness these partnerships through ongoing initiatives. 

May these events whet your appetite and bring you to the IC to check out other great workshops in the New Year!

For questions about our workshop series or to get involved, please contact the Intercultural Centre, at, or by calling us, at 403-410-3217.