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A Sneak Peek into TEDxBowValleyCollege 2017

  • TEDxBowValleyCollege 2017

The following blog post was written by Tahira Ebrahim, Centre Liaison Officer at the Centre for Excellence in Immigrant and Intercultural Advancement.  

Winter is coming, and that can only mean one thing. TEDxBowValleyCollege returns, for its fourth year, on November 23, 2017. This year’s event focuses on transformation, embracing our imperfections, and finding beauty in unexpected places. 

Inspired by the philosophy of Kintsugi, TEDxBowValleyCollege 2017 has adopted this art form and way of thinking, as this year’s theme is Kintsugi: Perfectly Imperfect.

What is Kintsugi? Commonly referred to as a Japanese technique, Kintsugi specifically follows philosophies of Zen Buddhists, who felt that broken objects should be repaired, “symbolizing a reconciliation with the flaws and accidents of time” (The Book of Life, 2017). This approach can be applied to the areas of self-care and leadership. The practice of caring for what is perceived to be damaged yields a renewed sense of respect for ourselves and an ability to embrace that which is vulnerable (The Book of Life, 2017).  

Connecting this concept to TEDxBowValleyCollege 2017, speakers have situated their talks within this theme, offering both reflective and intellectual thoughts within a plethora of topics, including universal design in education, financial management, difficult conversations, and gender equality in the African nation.

TEDxBowValleyCollege will leave participants motivated, with broadened perspectives, and new ideas to reflect upon. 

Tickets will be available in early October. We encourage you to return to the blog for registration details.  

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