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Speed Friending at the Intercultural Centre

  • Speed Friending at the Intercultural Centre

The following blog post was written by Kelty Christensen, Learner Engagement Officer at the Centre for Excellence in Immigrant and Intercultural Advancement.

Are you looking to make friends? Speed friending might be the way to go.

One of the most common reasons for students to join the Intercultural Centre’s ICan Crew, is to meet new people and create connections. We are by nature social beings and need social contact. In an age driven by social media, it seems that face to face meeting opportunities are less and less common. Social connection has moved to the online forum of Facebook, texts, and tweets. The reality is that students crave face to face connections, but don’t often have a place to come together for that purpose.

This semester the Intercultural Centre (IC) wanted to help learners get to know each other through a speed friending event. We offered 28 seats and were thrilled that they were all reserved very quickly!   

For those who are not familiar with the term “speed friending”, it is the platonic version of speed dating. During a speed friending event, students spend two minutes of one-on-one time, asking each other questions before rotating to a new partner. Icebreaker questions are provided to encourage conversation and remove the awkwardness of coming up with small talk. At the end of the event, participants were free to exchange contact information or to continue socializing. 

The IC was buzzing with laughter and sounds of animated chatting.

It was such a success! The IC was buzzing with laughter and sounds of animated chatting. Many students wished that the event was longer and wanted to know when the next event would be held. Following the event, students snacked on popcorn and kept talking with their new found friends. The best thing about speed friending is that everyone there was there for the same reason- to get to know a few new people. 

How do you meet new people?